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Big Muscle Bears Review

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BigMuscleBears.com is a companion site to BigMuscle.com, begun as a hobby by Canadian couple, Bill and Andy. Because it’s a small-scale operation and not a devoutly commercial venture, it’s a little less polished but this is counterbalanced by the friendly community feel of the site. This is also a specialist site for people who are especially interested in finding muscular and/or hairy men, and because of some more explicit content it is only available to members who are over the age of 21.

Whereas BigMuscle.com specialises in more muscular guys, BigMuscleBears.com features hulking hairy guys who pump iron. So, expect to see chunking-great man mountains with handlebar moustaches and a head of hair that extends right down to their butt cheeks. If this all sounds like your kind of thing then get to it and register now. It’s free to register and basic membership is free. All you need is a few minutes to complete the application form and a valid email address. You can choose to create your own profile and upload pictures, or simply become an admirer of the site. Becoming an admirer means that you choose not to have a profile but just receive access to member profiles and their email contact details. Unless you’re a big hairy guy yourself then you’re going to opt for the latter type of membership, as it obviously would be against trade descriptions to post a profile if you’re a hairless beanpole.

Once you’re up and running, you can get straight to browsing profiles or take the time to craft your own profile (if you register for a profile account). You’ll find literally thousands of profiles on the site, but just a few hundred, if that, online at a given time. It’s therefore likely that many of the profiles will be inactive (a common problem with free dating sites). However, you can check to see when profiles were last modified which lets you know whether they’re still active or not. If you’re looking for a great big hairy man then chances are you’ll be more successful if you focus on recently modified profiles. Whilst the free membership is fairly generous in comparison with free basic memberships on other sites, you’re limited to sending just 10 emails per day to other members. The profiles are a little blinkered in their attention to physical appearance and gym activities at the expense of fleshing out other facets of personality. The profile pictures are just about large enough so as to get a good idea of what the member looks like. If a member has upgraded their membership then their profile picture will expand when you hover over the thumbnail. You’ll also find intro videos on some profiles.

Talking of upgrading, whilst the site is ostensibly free, you can get more features if you pay the modest fee to support the site, which arguably still qualifies it as a free dating site. Actually this is a voluntary donation so we assume you can donate as much or as little as you like, although they recommend $40, which is still very cheap. It’s fairly unlikely that most members will find the need to send more than 10 emails in a day, but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility. Therefore, if you’re a prolific social networker who is determined to get the most out of the site then maybe you should consider paying for the upgrade. You’ll then get unrestricted access to email. You’ll also get profile enhancements, including being able to upload more pictures, create a favourites list and being able to see who’s looked at your profile. Importantly, you’ll also get enhanced advanced search tools in order to save time on your browsing by pinpointing exactly the kind of guys you’re looking for. You can also save your searches. There is a FAQs section where you can learn all about the different levels of membership and a support desk you can email in order to resolve any other queries.

It’s worth noting that the majority of the members are in North America. If you’re looking for men elsewhere then you may find that there are slim pickings. However there’s nothing stopping you from looking, and even chatting, or potentially even meeting one day. As well as photos you may find that some profiles contain video recordings and web addresses; this is a good way to express yourself a bit differently or to find out a bit more about one of the members. You can also see when they last logged on to the site, which is useful to gauge whether or not their profile is in use and so to discern how likely it will be that you’ll receive a response from them. These options, and more besides, are available in the advanced search, which is great to see because it stops you wasting time with members who never actually log on.

BigMuscleBears.com is unique in that it’s a site devoted to large, hairy gay guys for chatting and dating. Whilst you’ll find better sites with more active members that feature the category of muscle bears it’s great to be able to visit a site that features muscle bears and nothing else, which is free of charge if needs be. 

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