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Adam 4 Adam Review

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At first glance, Adam4Adam.com isn't the most stylish site that you'll come across in the gay dating category.  That said, it's absolutely free to join. Unlike other sites where you get a very basic level of membership free but are tempted by premium membership subscriptions, it really is completely free. However, you'll have to put up with quite a lot of advertising on the site, much of which features well-endowed naked men. If you're easily offended by nudity then think again about joining, or donate to get rid of them. Another potential issue to consider is that because it's free to join you're likely to get more than your fair share of time-wasters and spammers than on the paid sites. On the upside, apart from being free, there are plenty of members online at a given time (75,360 at the time of this review) and plenty of features for you to utilise in your quest for love/friendship/sex (delete as applicable). 

If you can put up with the well endowed men on the adverts, joining Adam4Adam.com is a straightforward affair. To sign up simply enter your e-mail address and choose a username and password. Then select your country and city from a list. The next page asks you all about your physical appearance, and the final part of the registration process asks you to write a few lines about yourself and give your profile a headline. There follows some optional questions about your profession and sexual preferences that you can leave out until later if you like. You can then upload two public pictures of yourself and one private picture. Whilst this isn’t a great number of photos, and probably won’t allow you to show off all your positive sides, it’s not bad considering the site’s not charging you anything.

A number of users have reported fairly negatively regarding the sorts of men they’ve encountered on the site. A common word used seems to be “negative” or “mean”, with some men being very blunt about what they do or don’t want. For example, users can plainly state that they’re not interested in talking to you unless you have photos. Whilst this is a little off putting we recommend targeting members who you think seem a bit more pleasant (imagine such an idea!) but also making sure your profile is set up and completed appropriately to reduce the risk of such rejections.

The site now has mobile apps so you can access your account when you’re on the move. This is good to see as many of the key players in gay dating now have similar features, meaning those which don’t may be left behind. Making the site mobile means that you’ll be able to respond to messages at any time, so some hot guy won’t be left waiting for hours whilst you’re sat on a train.  

It's difficult to judge the site in terms of whether it's more appropriate for casual encounters, friendship or more committed relationships. The chances are that, given the large membership base, you'll find plenty of members looking for each, but more looking for the former. Handily, when searching, you can specify the kind of relationship you're looking for (see below). As you won't have to part with any money, it's worth at least spending a little time perusing the profiles, then deciding whether it's worth moving on to a subscription-based site. Whilst there may be issues of quality on free dating sites, the decision's down to you. Whilst the communications tools suggest relationships based on chatting and getting to know each other, some of the live cam options imply a raunchier side to proceedings. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it means you’ll find all sorts of men on the site wanting different things, so it’s a case of being clear about what you’re interested in and setting your own boundaries.

There's little doubt that you'll manage to find a date fairly soon once you've joined the site. Looking around, you'll notice a range of ways in which to browse and search for other members. Whilst the member search is only really handy if you know the name of the member you're looking for, the advanced search is comprehensive and allows you to specify a range of criteria. It's especially helpful that you can specify the kind of relationship you want, which allows you to filter out all the hopeless romantics if you're just looking for something physical, and vice versa. In addition, you can specify last member login date so as to screen out all the inactive profiles that will naturally feature strongly on free dating sites. If you're planning to travel or take a holiday, the 'plan a trip' feature enables you to enter the destination and dates, helping you to hook up with long distance dates before you go. This is bound to spice up a week at the beach or in the jungle. With reference to member support, there's a fairly extensive FAQs section that you should go to first. If this doesn't solve your query, you can get in touch with the support team by using the email form. Finally, don't forget to take a look around the online adult toy shop, which is bound to leave most members open-mouthed in awe and thinking that they've led very sheltered lives. You'll find all manner of adult love aids here.

If you decide to make a donation and become a supporter then there are several advantages, although it’s up to you to decide whether or not you feel it’s worthwhile. As a supporter your inbox will store messages for up to a month instead of 10 days, you will be able to save 200 conversations (instead of 20), you can upload twice as many photos, have unlimited friends and blocked members, get ProAd and save up to 10 searches (instead of 3). Essentially the supporters get enhanced versions of the basic features, so making a donation doesn’t have a massive impact on your experience but it does allow you to communicate more and to store more information.

As free dating sites go, Adam4Adam.com is one of the best. As long as you proceed with caution you should have a lot of fun. Whilst it may lack the features and style of some of the subscription sites, such as good quality chat rooms, Adam4Adam.com has plenty to offer and this warrants its place in our gay dating top 10.

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