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ManCentral.com advertises itself as being 'the place to get off'. It's not the most genteel gay dating site you'll come across in this category of reviews. Aimed at guys who want no-strings relationships, it's bold, brazen and out there!

If you're of a slightly shy disposition, or looking for a more traditional kind of romantic relationship, clearly this isn't the place for you. Within minutes of joining, this reviewer received an email offering to perform certain 'acts' in no uncertain terms, if anybody in the vicinity cared to drop round. You have been warned! As with most gay dating sites, it's free to register. All you need to do is select a username and give your age, location and email address. You're then taken to another screen in which you're asked to provide some details about your lifestyle, appearance and sexual preferences. Once this is done, your profile is established and you'll be free to contact all members on the site.

It would probably be quite shallow to make comparisons on the basis of members' appearances, but either the quality of the goods here is a little shoddy, or a lot of these guys couldn't be less photogenic. True, you'll find quite an array of gay guys to hook up with, but it's bottom of the barrel time, folks. This is bound to increase your chances of getting a date. The profiles themselves are fairly detailed, such details being geared to sexual preferences quite often. You're even invited to register whether you think the member whose profile your browsing is 'shaggable' or not. Whilst there will obviously be plenty of guys who appreciate the no nonsense approach, is it worth splashing out on the membership extras? If you're intent on hooking up with some of the mediocre talent on offer, your money will be best spent on the Manstats membership extra. It's possible to get matched with other members who are compatible with you and find out who finds you 'shaggable'! If no one finds you shaggable then I'm afraid you don't qualify for a refund. However, the good news is that your membership won't be automatically renewed and your card charged, without your say-so. ManCentral.com uses an 'intelli-matching' service, whereby you're matched with others judged on how you use the site.

In terms of other features, 'rate or slate' involves submitting your picture for public scrutiny, by which other members rate your attractiveness on a scale of 1-10. Therefore, if no one finds you shaggable, probably best to leave this one alone, unless you have an extremely thick skin. You'll also find message board forums and chat rooms, the latter of which can be fairly raucous affairs, though nowhere near as popular as those on other sites, such as AdultFriendFinder.com. Apart from these, there are a couple of additional features worth mentioning. 'Cruising corner' allows you to bid using credits previously purchased, in order to have your profile featured on the ManCentral.com homepage for maximum exposure. A variety of positions are available; for example, to bid for the top spot (largest photo), it's going to cost around 500 credits (approximately $3.00 dollars) until another member bids for that spot. Conversely, you could bid to appear at the bottom of the list (smallest photo) for just a couple of credits. It's a good way of getting your profile seen, although the amount of attention you get will depend to a large degree on how you construct your profile. Still, for a few dollars it's worth trying at least once in order to see the kind of response that's generated by being in prime position. However, there is also the potential drawback that you might be seen as desperate, which will probably only elicit responses from other desperate members. Meanwhile, the 'tags' feature allows you to send a variety of military-style ' dog tags' to members, perhaps as a way of making contact. Typically, tags feature some kind of sexually charged message and cost just a few cents to send. You could have a bit of fun with these, but it's hard to imagine the kind of person who would dream up this kind of feature.

ManCentral.com isn't for the fainthearted or die-hard romantics. But, if you fancy descending into a sexually-charged jungle of man-lust, grab hold of this creeper, give a hearty wail, and prepare yourself for some saucy hi-jinks.

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