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DudesNude.com is a free gay dating site. Whilst it lacks some of the polish of the subscription sites above it, and has a lower membership base than others you might find, you're likely to be impressed at what you get with no financial outlay necessary. If you're keen on meeting other guys for no strings relationships then it's definitely worth a go. However, for those of a more romantic disposition, whilst you could at least have a browse here, your interests might be better served elsewhere.

Whilst it might be true that this site is most suitable for hook ups, that isn’t to say that you won’t find love here if you’re looking for it. There are a range of guys who are members, and when you sign up you are asked to choose whether you feel you are a “guy next door”, “chub” or “daddy” (there are plenty of options here). This means you’ll find a decent variety of guys, including those who don’t feel they want to be confined to a category. You can also get involved in a few of the community features, which make this site more than a simple hook up depository, such as the various forums and chat rooms, or even the travel section, all of which we’ll come to shortly.

It's easy and free to register your membership on the site. After clicking on the signup icon on the intro page it's just a case of giving a few details about yourself. Don't forget that you'll need to pick a username and give a valid email address in order to validate your account. Make sure you know whether you're a 'chub', 'sexpig' or a 'daddyman' as you'll have to select the one that best describes you. They're quite strict about this and discourage anyone from referring to themselves as a 'fit jock muscle dude' unless they look like they live at the gym. Best to stick to 'dude next door' just to be on the safe side. The restrictions placed on your photo uploads are the main reason we felt that this could be more of a pick-up site than a site for long term love. They're quite picky about uploading photos to your profile. You need to upload one picture with you shirtless and one full body shot where you're not fully clothed. You can do this later on, but just be aware that such demands indicate that many members sign up for more 'superficial' encounters rather than looking for love and committed relationships. If you're happy with this, then go ahead and click on. The orientation of the site towards more superficial encounters is also evidenced by the criteria in the search tools, most of which are overtly sexual in nature. That's not to say that you won't find something a little more committed if you browse the site. However, if you are looking for more of a lasting relationship you'd probably be better off checking out another site in the top 10.

You have three types of search to choose from. You have a couple of quick search tools; 'quicksearch', lets you search for profiles according to the most popular profile criteria. 'Namesearch' allows you to search profiles by username. The power search tool allows you to sift through the profiles based upon all the criteria in a member's profile.  You can also specify whether you want to search for profiles, pictures or videos because the site stores information about all pictures and videos. It's also possible to save advanced searches. There seem to be a lot of adults only pictures on this site in particular, so if you're easily offended by nudity then check out some of our other top 10 sites. To avoid having to constantly input the same information in your searches there is also a search save feature, which can be really useful in the long term because it means you won’t have to spend so long selecting the criteria that suit you every time you perform a search.

For a completely free site, the features you get, whilst being fairly standard, are quite impressive. For example, you even get the travel feature in which you can arrange to meet guys whenever you jet off somewhere. It beats struggling to put sunscreen on your back yourself. You could also arrange holidays this way, meeting other guys and staying with them, or allowing them to stay with you on their travels. If you have your own webcam, the webcam chat rooms are a lot of fun, as are the regular chat rooms. These are features that some of the subscription sites don't have! However, you shouldn't expect the site's features to compare with those sites above it in our ratings.

Another thing to bear in mind is that because the site's free you're going to get lots of spammers, time-wasters and inactive profiles. Whilst this may be an issue, DudesNude.com does have a fairly healthy member presence online (several thousands online at the time of this review). Again, not quite on a par with the sites above it, but not bad by any account. So there's no reason why you won't find somebody to hook up with. Many spammers might also be dissuaded from signing up given the stringent rules in place for profile photos, as described earlier, meaning that the problem shouldn’t be as bad as you might expect.

It may be worth considering verifying your membership profile (a process by which the webmaster authenticates your profile to assure other members that your profile is genuine), although which of us hasn't at one time or another been tempted to upload a picture of Brad Pitt?  Verifying your membership should help get more interest in your profile. It's obviously sensible to favour verified profiles when you're browsing too. Another thing to consider is the very low fee to become a supporter of the site, especially if you like to watch videos, or hate all the ads. If you have any problems or questions, there's a searchable help database, though it has a few gaps; no matter, as you can email the support desk directly.

DudesNude.com just about makes it into our top 10 and for a completely free site this is quite impressive. As long as you don't expect exactly the same standard of features, professional layout and membership base as you get on the subscription sites above it you're bound to be impressed. With all the standard features that you'd expect, and some great webcam chat and regular chat rooms, this is a great gay dating site and it's certainly worth signing up, especially if you're looking for no strings hook-ups.

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