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Gay XXX Dates Review

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Gay XXX Dates is a dating site specifically for gay and bi users and, as the name implies, there is a focus on the more erotic side of dating. With the largest collection of members and some of the best features available anywhere on the market, Gay XXX Dates is an ideal place for gay and bi singles and couples to find sex, love, affection, romance, friendship and anything else they are looking for.

Gay XXX Dates gives members access to more than 90 million profiles (from across its parent network), meaning there’s more chance of hooking up here than at any other gay orientated site on the internet. What’s more, as Gay XXX Dates is part of the Adult Friend Finder network, a group of sites that dominates the online dating market, users can be completely sure that the service they receive at this site is second to none and that the features available represent the height of online dating technology.

Members of the site can create their own photo profile complete with as much (or as little) information about themselves as they like, and add an extensive collection of sexy photos in their personal gallery. Creating a profile is easy, with members having to complete only one short questionnaire in order to get the profile up and running. Members can elect, at a later date, to fill out a number of additional surveys and questionnaires to populate additional areas of their profile with information, improving their chances of getting ‘hits’ on their profiles. An example of this is the ‘purity test’ that allows members to find out just how pure (or indeed, impure!) they are, with the results being publishable to a member’s profile.

Similarly, members can take a personality test to find out what sort of person they are really suited t,o with the information, again, being publishable to their profiles. As well as photos, members can also add video and audio introductions to their profile, so members know exactly what sort of person they are and what they’re into. These features make profiles with Gay XXX Dates incredibly powerful tools for getting a real insight into the person behind the profile.

As with any site offering a form of free membership, you’ll get a lot of users who joined up but never really bothered with the site. These are usually pretty easy to spot, and since there are so many active users you can eradicate the time wasters by using the search filter options. With more than 30 million profiles to search through and members joining the site from across the globe, it’s important that a site like Gay XXX Dates offers users a high quality search tool to ensure they can find members that are right for them.

  Gay XXX Dates is part of the Adult Friend Finder network, a group of sites that dominates the online dating market.  

As we have noted above, members can search using a basic or premium search function, with the most advanced searches taking more than 30 search criteria into consideration. These searches are incredibly useful, allowing members to decide whether their searches return thousands or hundreds of results and then using further filters to find the perfect matches in exactly the right location.

The site also has a number of pre-determined searches that allow members to quickly find others in their area, who share their interests, who are looking for sex ‘right now’ or within a certain time frame, or who possess specific skills or language capabilities.  We were really impressed by the search functions on offer at Gay XXX Dates and feel that they are the perfect tools to ensure members can find the best possible matches every day with the site as it continues to grow.

Search results ought to offer copious opportunities to chat with (and maybe meet) men. Our sample searches offered hundreds, or even thousands, of matches. If you’re pickier, all the better, as there are so many members that you can be as selective as you like and still get good results. The fact that the site has an international clientele also means that you can meet men from around the world, which is a good way of spreading your wings and finding new and different people to talk with. In terms of talking, you can take advantage of email-style messages, live chats or even webcam chats, each allowing you different benefits.

If you’re in a hurry and can only check online now and then, an email option allows you to take your time to write messages and respond to them when you have a moment to spare. Live chat has a livelier feel, whereas web cam options allow you to get much more up close and personal. Regarding the webcam features, you can also speed things up a bit by having sexy webcam chats with individual users using the video chat feature, or broadcast your camera for all to see in the member webcams section of the site.

Members can also make contact on a more general basis by taking advantage of the site’s discussion boards, forums, chatrooms and blogs; all of which are popular and allow members to make friends on the site and share interests with other members. These offer a more relaxed way of talking with a lot of guys based on common interests, so it’s not necessarily just superficial. Topics of conversation can range from hobbies to sex fantasies, or you could even start your own chat or forum page. If you’re a bit of a dab hand with a quill and ink (or a keyboard) then you could even start writing a blog for others to follow and comment on, which is a useful way of showing people what you’re really thinking.

Gay XXX Dates also has a lot of additional features that help to make searching for your next lover online that little bit more exciting. Members can host their own private chatrooms and invite who they like, giving them the opportunity to get horny with their own invited guests. They can also check out galleries of adult movies, model photos, live member webcams and more in the galleries section of the site, meaning that even when they aren’t getting horny with other members of the site in real life, they can still have a great time with Gay XXX dates.

  These profile enhancements, which include features such as allowing free members to view your profile and get in touch, ensure you get the best possible response rate for your money.  

Members can also check out their own personal ‘Activities’ section, which helpfully lists new member updates, new albums, status updates and new blog posts on friends’ profiles. Finally, members can use the ‘get local’ function to find people and events in their local area meaning every night can potentially turn into a hookup occasion as a member of Gay XXX Dates!

This site has a welcoming and community-based atmosphere, meaning members should feel comfortable from the very start. Users can get involved with the many groups on the site (where they can meet others who have shared interests), read the online magazine, take part in member polls and read member bulletins. They can also use the Gay XXX Dates shop to pick up adult movies, sex toys, costumes and everything else you can think of at very reasonable prices.

As you would expect, Gay XXX Dates also has a range of features specifically focused on ensuring that all members are safe and secure when they are dating with the site. One of the most advanced features included  is profile and ID verification, where members can send evidence of their appearance, income, job, location, age, gender and more so that the site can verify that members are who they say they are.

Members can then look out for the ‘Verification’ logo on other members’ profiles as evidence that those members have been checked out, also setting up a ‘blocked’ list to ensure that undesirable members can’t ever contact them, as well as applying a content filter to control the sort of material they want to be seen. Finally, members can take advantage of 24/7 customer support through a range of different communication methods to ensure that, should anything go wrong, they are looked after every step of the way.

Gay XXX Dates offers members the choice between free Standard membership and paid Gold membership. Gold members have access to all of the site’s features. Although the membership isn’t the cheapest you can find, we recommend users opt for gold membership if they intend to subscribe, as, for $15 per month for a 12 month package, gold membership is still a very good deal. It isn’t free but you get what you pay for, and in terms of the benefits of membership, we think you ought to be very satisfied with what’s on offer.

As well as Gold membership packages, members can also opt to add additional ‘profile enhancements’ to their profile for an extra fee. These profile enhancements, which include features such as allowing free members to view your profile and get in touch, ensure you get the best possible response rate for your money.

All in all, Gay XXX Dates is an excellent site that not only opens up access to a wide membership base of more than 90 million members, but also lets users make use of some of the best features and tools available anywhere in the adult dating market. With so much on offer, what are you waiting for – check out Gay XXX Dates today!

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