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Man D 8 Review

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ManD8.com is a fairly unique gay dating site in that you get to communicate freely with all members. Whereas other sites make you upgrade before you can contact the whole membership base, ManD8.com treats its free members very generously. It's not the biggest site you'll come across, but there are plenty of members to hopefully hook up with. You'll find all the usual features and more. It also tends to cater more for no-strings hookups than long-term relationships.

It's free to register on the site for a basic membership. It's just a case of giving a few details about yourself, choosing a user name and giving a valid email address, which will only take you a couple of minutes. Once you're signed up, you're given the option of upgrading to premium membership. In addition to getting all of the features of basic membership, but enhanced, you also get additional ones. These are described in a little more detail below. However, resist the urge to upgrade and shell out until you've had a good look around the site.

At the time of this review there were around 100 guys online, which wasn’t too impressive although if you log on at another time you may find the site is busier. However, compared to some dating sites, these numbers are very low. That said, this site does offer limited free communication and almost all of the users who were online had completed a substantial amount of their profile and uploaded photos, showing a level of dedication and interest in real dating.

If you're anticipating meeting up with guys in person, there may be little to choose from when you login. However, if you're just looking to meet, exchange messages and chat online then you should find enough guys to choose from. You'll find all kinds of guys here, from the big and muscled, to skinny emo guys, all wanting to hook up with guys like you (well, hopefully anyway). The profiles are reasonably detailed and if you hover your mouse over the main profile picture, it will be magnified. If you're a basic member you'll be barred from accessing other photos and some videos too. You'll also be limited to the number of messages you can send. There are often quite a few profiles with no picture uploaded, which raises suspicions about how many active members (who aren't just timewasters) there are on ManD8.com as a whole. If you filter your search results by specifiying profiles with pictures then you should be able to sift through most of the dross. If you're a basic member you'll be restricted to using just the basic search feature. Whilst you can get by doing so, if you want to be taken seriously by other members then you're going to have to upgrade.

Video and voice chat are the key focuses of this site. In order to access features such as chat rooms and mobile content you'll need to purchase 'points' if you're a basic member (premium members chat for free - though both membership grades are charged for SMS chat). This can be done by credit card, phone or text. Points allow you to use the chat rooms and call members online using VOIP. When you join as a basic member you get 50 points to start you off, whilst you get many more if you upgrade (depending on the length of time you sign up for). Not all members take advantage of VOIP to call each other, so the best idea is to browse 'guys taking calls' or, even better, conduct a basic search and select 'guys taking calls' and 'guys online' . You'll find thousands of guys who use VOIP on the site, but you need to bear in mind that they won’t all be online. The chat rooms and video chat aren't in the same league as those on some of our top rates sites, but it’s worth checking how many men are online.

You can chat in a member's private room if they have one, but if chat rooms are your thing then do have a look at some other sites instead. If you’re a premium member then you can create your own private rooms, which when combined with voice and video options, can make for an intimate online place to get to know each other. In terms of other features, you might want to check out the 'shouts' page, where members can place personal ads, not to sell used household items or announce jumble sales, but to hook up with other guys, meet or chat online. In addition, checking out member videos or the gay news page offer a couple of distractions when you're not actively connecting with other members.

Members are from all over the globe, so this is a great chance to meet people from other cities or even other countries. The cam and voice chat options mean that you’ll get a better sense of them as a person, as often text chat can be a bit impersonal. If you’re looking for someone closer to home, however, then you can simply click a “users closest to me” option and you’ll see anyone within your locale.

Whilst the site is free to use, the credits system means that you’re essentially paying for communications beyond your allotted time. Of course there is the chance to use the free time to meet a few people and exchange contact details, taking your conversations on skype or another service provider. Unfortunately besides these key features there are very few other features to use and we think that the site could work on creating more of a community feel through the inclusion of forums, blogs or even games options to pass the time when you’re waiting for a potential date to come online.

In summary, ManD8.com simply lacks punching power and if you are serious about hooking up with guys then, whilst you might well get lucky here, you might also be a little disappointed with the size of the membership base. This is fine if you're looking for just a little online fun, but those seeking to meet guys in their area could find their options a little narrow.

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