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4 Mistakes New Members Make on Gay Dating Sites

If you’re new to gay dating websites, it might all seem to be a bit mysterious. Should you really tell everyone your fantasies? Is it wise to upload photos? What’s the protocol for sending a first message, or how can you encourage guys to say hello? Whilst most good dating sites will offer some advice, we’d like to share some tips for new gay dating website members, because there are a few big mistakes which are easy to make (and avoid, if you know how)…


1: Incomplete profiles

It might seem like a massive pain, having to feel out pages of tick-box questions and write about your life, but – trust us – it’s worth it. There are two major reasons why you should do a good job when completing your profile page: the first, is that most dating sites use this information to match you to other members, or to help find you when someone performs a search. If you don’t mention your hair is ginger, for example, you might be excluded from hundreds, or even thousands, of guys who have specifically chosen ginger hair as a turn-on or preferences. The second reason to complete your profile, is that other members want to read about you. They want to know what makes you tick, what you enjoy, who you want to meet. They won’t get this information if you don’t provide it, and in this competitive realm of hot guys looking for dates, every little benefit will help you out.


2: Adult or explicit content

Some gay dating sites openly invite explicit content, others are against it. It’s wise to check their rules and regulations, as your membership could be terminated (without a refund) if you break them. Generally, you’ll get a good idea as to what’s acceptable and what isn’t, just by taking a look around the site. Some gay dating sites can be pretty explicit, but don’t feel pressured into sharing personal content if you’re not interested or ready. Some new members can get a little cocksure (excuse the pun) when they first arrive, and whilst nudes are likely to get quite a bit of attention, anyone could be taking screenshots, so make sure you’re completely comfortable with your uploads. Hidden / restricted access photo albums can be a really useful feature, allowing you to upload erotic snaps but limiting who can look at them (you decide to allow members access to the photos, and they will remain unseen from anyone else).


3: Blanket messaging

Have you ever received one of those “Congratulations you’ve won something, just write back” sort of emails or letters? Well, an impersonal private message can sound a bit like that: at best, as though you’re hedging your bets; at worst, as though you just aren’t making any effort. It hardly makes someone feel special, and it’s really easy to know when you’re receiving a blanket message. It might work on occasion, but you may also be ruining your chances with guys who would perhaps, at some time in the future, have been interested in you if you’d shown a genuine interest in them. So, hold your horses when you first log in to a gay dating site – target guys you genuinely like to look and sound of, rather than just blanket messaging hundreds of them to see if anything sticks.


4: Too hot to message

We can be very critical of ourselves or others when using dating websites. It’s easy to think, “Oh they won’t be interested in me, they’re really good looking,” or “They must be damaged goods, otherwise why are they on a dating site?” But the truth is nobody knows about someone until they get to know each other. Therefore, don’t be afraid to send someone a message if you’re interested in them. After all, wouldn’t you like to receive a friendly message from someone who was interested in you? In short: just go for it!


The lowdown…

New members can fall into certain traps, primarily because they are a bit too eager or lack a little self-confidence. Our advice is to take your time, and only do something you feel comfortable doing. Whilst you might find success by approaching loads of guys, this can seem quite impersonal and we generally think a personal approach works out better for most people. So, why not find a few guys who float your boat, and get in touch with them? There’s nothing to lose!

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