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5 of the Most Overlooked Features on Gay Dating Websites

Gay dating websites (as with most dating websites) are primarily about attracting other members and hopefully landing a date. Unfortunately, some members make huge mistakes when using the sites, and they can be a total turn-off for other members. So, what should you be wary of in your pursuit of dates with hot guys? We’ve a few suggestions for major turn-offs to avoid when using gay dating websites…


1: Bashing, moaning and bragging

In short: don’t be a jerk. Dating is meant to be fun, you should feel good about yourself. If anyone’s purposefully trying to upset people, or just being way too much of a downer, it’s unlikely to end well dating-wise. Equally, a lot of guys quickly get sick of (and see through) blatant bragging. Our advice? Just be yourself, and try not to judge.


2: Body shaming

There can be some unfair and unproductive generalizations made about how bodies ‘ought’ to look. Perhaps the media is to blame, but either way, body shaming in any way is really not going to go down well with most single guys on dating sites. If you don’t like what you see, move on. If you’re experiencing these kinds of comments for yourself, get in touch with the site’s admin team, who should soon put a stop to it.


3: Explicit content

Some sites openly invite explicit content, and that’s all part of the gay dating experience on those websites. However, this isn’t the case everywhere, so we advise caution. Check the site’s regulations, explore other profiles to see what’s acceptable. Not only could you put off some potential dates with explicit photos and videos, you might also break the site rules which could lead to your account being closed (without refund).


4: General rudeness

Guess what, major revelation: being rude to people isn’t a turn-on. Okay, some guys do like it when you talk a bit rude, maybe even with a hint of cheekiness or confrontation. However, there’s a line to draw, and judging that line can be complex. Take a hint from other members and their reactions – you don’t want to annoy an entire community of single guys for an off-hand comment, however well intentioned.


5: Straight to hook-up

There’s a temptation for members (often new and eager members) to rush straight in for a request to hook up. This might work, but it could also be a big turn-off for a lot of single guys who want to take things much more slowly. Some gay dating sites may offer a “hook up tonight” feature, where you can find other men who are interested in sexual liaisons, but otherwise we recommend treating each member as a separate case. Work out what’s appropriate to them, what they’re looking for, and generally don’t rush in too quickly because it could add you to a few blacklists.


The lowdown…

It shouldn’t come as a massive surprise that general bad behaviour, much of which can make people feel bad about themselves, is a sure-fire way to get yourself noticed for the wrong reasons. Dating sites should be fun and friendly, a safe space where guys can get to know each other before deciding whether or not to meet in the flesh. So long as you follow these few basic rules, we’re sure you’ll do just fine!

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