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5 Top Tips for Improving Your Gay Dating Profile Page

Gay dating websites put you in touch with thousands, or even millions, of eligible, like-minded single guys. What’s not to like?! But millions of single men also mean you’ll have millions of potential competitors in the dating game, so how do you stand out from the crowd? Well, your profile page is your main weapon in this fight for domination. It allows you to communicate with other members, and to lure in dates on your behalf. We’ve viewed literally thousands of dating profiles, so we’ve a few top tips to help you improve your profile page on gay dating websites…


1: Complete your profile

You might be surprised by the number of incomplete dating profile pages we’ve seen. Often, this is a sign that someone joined up for free but never paid to stay on the site with full membership. Therefore, if you’re joining a gay dating site and don’t finish your profile, a lot of members might just think, “Hey, he’s probably not using the site, I won’t bother getting in touch.” Big mistake, right? Completing your profile will stop this from happening, but it also has another major benefit: your profile will probably appear more in search results. We’ll going into this in a bit more detail in tip 4 (“tick all the boxes”) but trust us: if you want to improve your chances, finish building your profile page!


2: Add decent photos

Dark, grainy photos which show a bicep or a small section of your face or body, are unlikely to do you service. People want to know what you look like, it’s a big part of how many members choose who to approach. Uploading photos is also a great way to show other members what you enjoy. For example, uploading travel photos, or shots with your pets, or you at the gym, will give them a decent idea of the sort of lifestyle you lead. All of that said, if you’re really uncomfortable uploading photos, or would rather get to know someone before showing them your snaps, you won’t miss out completely. There are people who seek out photoless members to chat to, they’re just fewer in number compared with members who want to take a peek at what’s on offer.


3: Don’t ignore the “about me” written sections

As we mentioned, your profile page is an opportunity to tell other members about yourself. Maybe you could say a little about what you do on the weekend, or your philosophies on life, or simply what turns you on, or a bit more information about the sort of guys you’d like to meet. The “about me” written answers are some of the more personal parts of a profile page, and a lot of members go to those to learn about your personality. Box ticking is all well and good for algorithms and matchmaking, but it doesn’t necessarily give a sense of who you are as a person. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to express yourself!


4: Tick the boxes

Gay dating websites allow you to search for dates with guys based on your particular preferences. Love brunettes? No problem. Looking for someone who likes to party? You’ll find him. All you have to do it tick the right box, and you’ll be presented with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of matching results. So, when you’re building your profile, make sure you tick all the boxes which relate to you. These don’t only include physical attributes, but your hobbies and interests, sexual preferences and more. The more boxes you tick, the more likely it is that you’ll appear in someone’s search results.


5: Pimp it up

A few sites allow you to personalize your profile page. For example, you might be able to add music or background images, videos, diary entries, blog posts or links to your favorite websites. If these are options, why not work on making your profile page a little different? Pick backgrounds which set a tone (sophisticated, sexy, fun, adventurous), and upload media which helps to show off your best attributes and interests. Beyond helping others to understand you as a person, it will also show that you’re an active member who cares about how they are presented to potential dates. It’s a win-win situation!


The lowdown…

Think of your profile page as a personal advert, and a way to communicate with millions of potential dates. Put in a little effort, show off your personality and what makes you different. Some of the best gay dating websites really allow you to express yourself, with words as well as algorithms and images. With our tips in action, we’re sure you’ll be more successful with the boys.

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