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5 Ways to Improve Your Chances on Gay Dating Sites

Whilst some guys might find ideal dates immediately whilst using a gay dating website, it’s relatively rare. Finding guys who share your interests, who don’t live too far away and want to meet up, can be a slightly longer hurdle for some people. But don’t worry, there are a few ways to improve your chances of success when looking for guys online. Here are some of our top pieces of advice…


1: Visit forums

If your dating site includes busy forums but you’ve not visited them, you’re missing out. Forums can be a great place to talk to dozens of men at once, sharing your thoughts on a wide range of topics. It’s a bit more informal than a direct message, because you’re all there to chat about a common interest, rather than trying to arrange a date. Forum topics can vary massively, but if there’s not a conversation you like the look of then you can just start your own thread. This is a really good way to lure like-minded guys to you, and once you hit it off in the forums you can then decide whether or not to send them a more intimate direct message.


2: Hook-up features

Quite a few guys are looking for short-term fun, and some sites provide hook-up features which allow them to find other men who are looking for a bit of adult action. If you’d rather bypass hours of chatting, getting to know people and arranging dates, you can look for sites which offer live-chat options for gay guys who want to hook up. Just specify your location, sexual preferences and availability times, and it will show you who you’re matched to. If you like what you see, you can often just click a “thumbs up” button and if they reciprocate then the site will put you in touch with each other. Of course, this method isn’t for everyone, and some sites won’t offer these kinds of features, but you can easily seek them out if you want to give them a whirl.


3: Change search parameters

When looking for dates, it’s very easy to slip into the trap of only ever looking for your “ideal guy”. However, your tastes may change over time, or you might broaden your perspective. Some guys also don’t include all their information when signing up, so your searches might be eliminating dates who you’d actually be interested in. Take a look at the advanced search features, maybe try something a little different for once, and you’ll soon discover plenty more hot guys waiting for messages. This will increase further still if you’re willing to travel, or feel you could encourage a date to travel to see you.


4: Have plenty of interests

Another way to increase your chances of finding a date, is to make sure you feature in other people’s search results. If they don’t see you profile, they are unlikely to get in touch with you. Many gay dating websites will ask you to select your sexual preferences, hobbies, outlooks and more. The more of these you have selected, the more likely it is that your profile will appear in someone’s search results. Of course, we don’t really recommend lying, but if you enjoy something, or think you’d like to try it out some time, why not just tick that box and see what happens?


5: Upload photos

As most dating sites will tell you, uploading photos greatly increases the amount of attention you’ll receive. Whilst this isn’t always true (some members actively seek guys who don’t upload photos), we generally find that uploading a few high quality photos, which show off some of your best features, as well as your interests (such as holiday photos) can be a really great way to get a bit more attention. You may also be able to create hidden photo folders, which can only be unlocked once you give someone permission. Whether or not you upload explicit content is up to you, but check with the site’s rules and regulations. If in doubt, contact the support team or take a look around at what other popular members have uploaded.


The lowdown…

One of the secrets to getting more attention (and therefore more dates or hook-ups) is to make sure that members can find your profile. Once they’re on your page, a few attractive images, and a bit of information about your interests, will go a long way to securing a chat. If that’s not working out, try exploring the site and its communication tools – you may discover an untapped source of dating gold.

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