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Not exactly dead, but not out of ITU either!
06 October 2019
Reviewer: Wardour from Plymouth, UK

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GAYDAR was a pioneer and 'the' go to site to use for many years. It was bright, cheerful, visually attractive and looked and was easy to navigate. It was intuitive, logically laid out and so easy to use it was very engaging. However a couple of years back they upgraded it and in the processed almost totally destroyed it.

I'm sure some flash London lads with sharp suits and gelled hair thought the changes were cutting-edge and 'totally brilliant', but to the majority of customers they missed their remit by a country mile. They decided to start from scratch rather that replicate than build on they had already achieved. Importantly they believed their own hype and based everything (it seemed) on being under 25, wealthy, being out and proud and living in London or a large city. Unfortunately they disregarded those customers who were over 25, not out or living in towns or villages where discretion was important to them. Their new GPS location search feature might be great for lads in central London to track each other down, but disastrous for those who lived in very small postcode areas. To put your postcode in if you live in a village/hamlet with ten houses seems over intrusive. Opting out each visit is tiresome.

They also became extremely puritanical (slightly strange on an internet awash with porn), so the number of uninteresting blurred pictures shot-up. Searching was cumbersome, people's existing lists, notes, saved contacts were all wiped and as compliant after complaint rolled in and they did nothing - people voted with their feet and left the site in droves.

Now a quiet back water. They are introducing adult pictures, but need to look at (and replicate the old version) lay out, process, etc quickly if they are going to survive, regrettably there is no evidence they get-it, or in fact are actively listening or trying.

In summary, I would not recommend Gaydar to a friend.

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