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Lost their way and treat people poorly
29 May 2020
Reviewer: Sussexpassivelad from Sussex, UK

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I'd been a paid up member of Squirt.org for a number of years (15+) and have seen the site go from it's early days of online mischief, new features and being run with good intent, through to the current poor excuse for a gay community site today. The site has got a lot worse in 2020, with really poor functionality, a set of "terms of service" that have enough opaqueness that they can permit or deny content based on the sexual preferences of a series of faceless moderators.

The chat application seldom works on modern operating systems and if you're a heavy mobile user of the site, you can pretty much forget it. Pinging the site for faults or issues is like shouting into the abyss, you'll not get any response and they have no notion of customer service in that regard. The site was kept on for some of the cruise listings, but even these are out of date in terms of locations, warnings and indeed the message boards poorly moderated. If a user posts something which someone "reports" to admin.... the moderation can be incredibly draconian and results in guys profiles being removed without warnings or contact. The older you are, the more probable this is in favour of the muscled jocks and twinks, More than once I've seen a horny older daddy bear have their profile nuked for no other reason than challenging poor behaviour of a twinky poster.

Today capped it off for me; I'd had profile vidoes up on my own profile for a long time (like years) - they always contained by online watermark (my username). Today; a faceless moderator decided to remove them all (Lost a lot of content) because of "Displaying a username" in the vidoes… something that is permitted in the terms of service. Challenged the decision, and absolutely no response - they don't like to be challenged or held to account by paying customers. Woken this morning to further "moderation" where my profile text was removed for "Violation of the terms of service" - This is a vindictive action for being challenged on their unaccountable moderators and management of the site.

Squirt is now back of the pack, as per this review website. It's rules are adhoc applied and they're behind the times. Inclusion of social media links is common place on other "rival" websites and should be seen as an opportunity to drive traffic to squirt, rather than as a threat to its existence.

Final thing to beware of is the volume of "scammer" profiles on the site. You suddenly get a profile view from 1000's of miles away and a chat request with a link embedded to a "webcam" site. I've reported literally a dozen of them to squirt in the last week alone. They take too long to react, but credit where it's due they award "5 days Fan club membership" for reports. What would be better - is more veracity checking to prevent the creation of the scam profiles in the first place - with AI engines it really isn't difficult these days, but then.... there aren't any spectacular technical developments on this site anymore.

In summary: Poorly moderated, poor on features and future ideas, and don't like being held to account or asked to justify their decisions by customers who pay for a service. All in all gents' keep your money, use it for "free" while you're seeking a better site that suits you (plenty to choose from) and vote by taking your sexy goods elsewhere.

To Squirt: Being asked to justify your decisions is called customer engagement. You can learn from it and gain great, and "free" insight into what your customers think. It results in a better sense of value and trust in your customers, and may help you overcome the "group think" of your moderation and management team.... try it sometime, who knows you may get back to what you were good at in the early days. You have no "product" without your customers to pay their subscriptions, supply you with their data and content or drive your advertising revenue.

In summary, I would not recommend Squirt to a friend.

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