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All about getting numbers
07 March 2019
Reviewer: Rain40 from Wisconsin

8 of 14 people found this review helpful

Been a basic member on and off for years. Too many inactive profiles. Site gives you numbers of how many members have viewed your profile. Numbers are all faked. One day signed in 17 then 3 hours later I had 9, then 55. Went to desktop version showed same member viewed my profile 12 times in past 3 days. Clicked on members profile, inactive for over 13 weeks. Noticing a lot of members being online, you click profile haven’t been active for weeks. Cancelled membership and won’t be returning. Since a certain sites encounter section went down. Seems a lot of sites are ramping and fixing numbers to get more memberships. Take money else where, waste of time!

In summary, I would not recommend Squirt to a friend.

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Turn on you if you dont renew fan club membership
05 June 2018
Reviewer: Andy Mason from South Austarlia

15 of 26 people found this review helpful

The site works alright when its not down for maintenance but odd nothing ever gets fixed'
As a paid member for 6 years, this year I chose not to renew due to financial hardship, after my membership expired I received multiple emails for around 2 weeks offering discounts to renew which I ignored then one day the week after that I receive an email saying my account is terminated for violation of site terms .
no explanations as to what I had supposably done just a rude email saying I have violated their terms.

I thought this must have been an error as I hadn't even been on the site for 7 weeks due to recovering from a motorcycle accident but when I enquired as to why I received an answer back saying I have been blocked and banned from the site for violating the terms." that's it" I cant log in or open a new account now
so there ya go a long term client shafted cos I didn't renew, Ill let you work out the business ethic there but I'm sure its a great way to entice customers.

In summary, I would not recommend Squirt to a friend.

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Not worth it
11 May 2017
Reviewer: Mark from Arizona

22 of 41 people found this review helpful

I have been a paid member for about 2 years. It has some really good features. Some are really out of date, but for the most part good. In the last 2 years I have hookup with ZERO. Lots of guys checking out my profile and then asking me to unlock my privates. I know your saying "he must not be very attractive if he unlocks and no hook up". I joined another site (I won't say which one because this review isn't to give business to other sites) and within 30 minutes I hooked up. So it wasn't my pics. There are lots of no "PIC" profiles and lots of "BI" guys on the site. The video section never works. you just sit there in limbo until you decide to move on. Help is helpless. Honestly the best feature they have in the "ease of joining"
Over all I wouldn't recommend this site. Yes it has some nice features and the monthly cost is not to bad but the bad out weight the good/cost. Spend your money on another site.

In summary, I would not recommend Squirt to a friend.

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Squirt.org will rip you off
07 April 2017
Reviewer: Just An Honest Man from Denver

25 of 45 people found this review helpful

Once you give them your credit card number, you will be ripped off. Not just your money, but your time! I specifically and intentionally checked the box to not automatically renew, but they did renew and charge my credit card - which is fraud. After following the site's rediculous maze to contact customer service, I got NO response whatsoever. I then called and after two hours of games, still no refund.
Squirt.org stole from me and they will steal from you

In summary, I would not recommend Squirt to a friend.

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Devious Thieves
23 March 2017
Reviewer: Gerard from Canada

27 of 45 people found this review helpful

As other reviewers have said, squirt.org customer service is appalling, and shockingly rude. The jerk I spoke with at squirt was nasty, and he enjoyed being so. When I requested to have MY DATA permanently removed from their servers, I was flatly denied; simply told NO, they don't delete suspended profiles. In other words, ALL user profiles, along with your content, are retained by squirt.org, forever; for the site operators to do with as they please. When I asked where squirt.org servers are located (in Canada or the US), I was told "that's none of your business." In other words, YOUR DATA doesn't belong to you. Squirt takes ownership of your pics & videos, everything you upload to their awful website, they OWN, so they say.

Squirt has also billed my credit card, automatically 'renewed' monthly subscriptions, even though I didn't agree to nor authorize these transactions. I only agreed to 1 Month, each time, but they renewed anyway. After some years of using squirt, I feel that those running the site are creepy and corrupt.

I got suspended today after making a brief comment in my profile description about squirt being greedy and that I wouldn't be giving them any... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Squirt to a friend.

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I Like to Squirt
05 January 2017
Reviewer: Bluehen from Newark/Pike Creek, Delaware

36 of 71 people found this review helpful

I've been a squirt user for over ten years. I've had some good times with guys I met on squirt. The free account has worked well for me. If my schedule were different, I know I'd meet more squirters.

In summary, I would recommend Squirt to a friend.

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They discriminate against escort and Massage people
30 October 2015
Reviewer: Hero555 from Sydney, NSW, Australia

78 of 154 people found this review helpful

Since squirt change there policy to remove escort and massage guys, this is discrimination especially if you're in another country.
Since you paid for the membership to be a escort on the website you don't get your money back where consumer laws are not upheld on the website.
You should get money back if dissatisfied with service and changing policy without notice.
They've even blocked contact phone numbers on the website when once you could put your phone number online for everyone to see.
Its not as good as it was and should think all the escorts and massage people who used squirt should be refunded as they joined to do this on the website, now you can't.
People should boycott this website because of misleading members.
Even encourage people to dob in one another our fellow gay and bi men on the website.
If squirt removes the dobbing in and bring back escort and massage service it would the best website I've come across its a shame its not what it was.
There are other websites that are better and don't discriminate and gay friendly.

In summary, I would not recommend Squirt to a friend.

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Squirt.org is the very worst site in the world!
22 May 2015
Reviewer: Limehouse_guy from London

50 of 119 people found this review helpful

Squirt.org is a dreadful site. I joined in 2012 and immediately found many of the profiles in London, England to be fake profiles, using photographs stolen off the internet (you can perform a Google Reverse Image Search to check out someone's photo and see where it is used on the internet; if you get pages and pages of results containing a photo, it's highly likely that photo is a stock photo). As it was, many of these fake profiles had photos stolen from porn sites and bodybuilding sites.

The cruising listings in London and England are predominantly out of date by at least 10-12 years, containing outdated or inaccurate information. The directions to cruising places are also very bad, with directions so lacing in information, or poorly written, it sent you on a wild goose chase.

There are a lot of aggressive types on Squirt.org who will block you for no apparent reason.

Fanclub Members (who pay a monthly subscription for the site) get treated like Royalty and can post whatever they like, including libelous and defamatory comments, abusive comments, attacking other members with highly offensive personal insults, etc, and get away with it, despite the fact it is a clear breach of... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Squirt to a friend.

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In Deph Squirt Review
30 January 2015
Reviewer: Jacob from Michigan

65 of 159 people found this review helpful

I was a member of Squirt for three years before I closed my account in Jan 2015. This is my in depth review of the entire site.

The Good:

Live Chat- Excellent. The amount of rooms needs to be cut down to just four, which is all that's active even during peak times.

Cocktales- A place to write stories. Very active.

Member Videos- Very active with a lot of variety.

The Bad:

Daily Squirt- Basically a blog for Sgt. Coach to show his unhealthy obsession for bears. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy bears too, but damn. Too much drama. Next to no moderation. Pointless.

Cruising- At least in my area, it's hardly active.

Message Boards-Again, in my area, hardly active. Last post was in August 2014.

Way, way too much advertising. When I first started on Squirt it wasn't nearly as in-your-face as it is now.

Too many inactive accounts that need to be cleaned out. Once a profile hits one year of inactivity, it needs to be removed.

Squirt is free for 5 days with added time if you post pictures and videos. It's worth the 5 days to check out the site.

While I didn't have much of an issue finding people to hook... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Squirt to a friend.

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Mixed Results
17 December 2014
Reviewer: C Sucker from Chicago

59 of 165 people found this review helpful

I have been on squirt off and on. I have had plenty of hookups and the encounters have been positive ones. I enjoy the member videos' some are quite hot and better than those that get paid to make porn. The site has good features. HOWEVER, there are problems.

It seems like they show people as being on line that are not actually on line. I have sent instant messages to plenty of guys and get absolutely no reply. Most people will at least reply with some feedback. It seems that some profiles might be phony and it seems that they artificially boost the number of people on line.

Keep in mind I have had plenty of hook-ups from squirt, and the guys are decent, but it is time to try another site.

In summary, I would recommend Squirt to a friend.

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