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Category: Gay Dating Websites (AKA Gay Dating Sites)
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Worst site ever
01 May 2021
Reviewer: Knkstr48 from Manitoba Canada

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There was a time when Squirt first started just like many new sites it was booming and lots of great people good fun. The customer the paying customers were the ones who kept the site going. Customer service was superb. If there was an issue whether something you had done or someone was accusing you of customer service gave you the opportunity to defend yourself or very least give a warning. Fast forward 25 years later and the mods the site holders they don't give a rats ass for the long time customer. They are just damn right plain and simple thieves. See what they do is if for some reason someone's accused you of a squirt violation as they call it they monitor you and your profile you get tons of discounted offers on membership finally you sign up pay that fee and guaranteed within days later you are suspended banned and now they have this 1069 code error telling you to clear cookies cashe and what not, all this is doing is providing them the absolute means of being able to permently block your ip. so advice one if you encounter the error don't follow the instructions don't bother contacting customer service your banned blocked no matter what for no good reasons the asshole that always answers the messages is this fat fuck with no life and miserable as all hell who steals your money one of the first things out of his fat ass mouth is no refunds on suspended accounts I would personally like to see the site shut down and the mod take a dose of his own selfishness and greed.an embarrassment to the gay community to see that a person claiming to be a part of the good in our community is not out to be anything more than back stabbing greedy selfish ignorant low life thief. don't waste your time your money on this site it will be your biggest regret.

In summary, I would not recommend Squirt to a friend.

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