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Category: Gay Dating Websites (AKA Gay Dating Sites)
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Fake profiles, fake messages, rip off
06 February 2022
Reviewer: John from Wyoming, USA

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From day one I felt something was off about this site. Not because of the subject matter or the community it focused on, but its how the site is operated.

First, comparing it to similar apps I've used geared to the same community, the site and mobile app have the feel of something designed 10+ years ago. Its almost like it doesn't know if it wants to be a full-featured website or hook up app, so it tries to do both and fails on both counts.

There is very little advertising on the site (perhaps advertisers know something we don't), so I suspect its major source of income must be through the paid premium membership. This in itself isn't the issue, its how the some scammy behavior will encourage you to buy one. Among some rather useless perks, a premium membership allows you unlimited profile views and messages.

The site is flooded with fake profiles, lots of "new" members joining up daily near me, which is suspicious for a small town. But to be certain you have to still open it and burn a profile view to see the standard one single photo that looks like an Instagram screenshot along with a single sentence which begin to feel like they're written by the same author. The messages they send are equally generic bot-like dribble that could be sent to anyone and is never specific enough to have been written just for you. if you ask something their answers on where they're at the responses are often random place names in the area, a few were ghost towns.

You're given a limited allotment of free profile views and messages you can sent a day.. this is often burned through browsing all those suspicious profiles that turn up near you daily, along with replying to all that generic cookie-cutter messages they send to keep you interested.

Out of curiously I bought a premium membership and in that sea of fake profiles didn't find a few real people with fully built out profiles who all seem to be aware of the issue with all the fake accounts. But at least all the bot-like messages leveled of a bit, until of course my membership lapsed and they seemed to be interested in messaging me again and burning through my limited profile views and messages.

While researching this site I also found several fake review sites with over the top reviews all authored by women often referring to features the site didn't even have, with ridiculously fake user comments also written by females, which is really odd given I never came across a single female on this all male site. I doubt the fake review site is just doing this for free, they're getting paid for that nonsense, who else but the Recon owner?

Fake profiles, fake messages, fake reviews.. and a huge rip off

In summary, I would not recommend Recon to a friend.

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