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Suspended - no warning - no email.
31 July 2016
Reviewer: Aryugaetu from IL-WI Border - USA

60 of 112 people found this review helpful

After finding someone *on my own, not through Recon) I didn't think I would need Recon, so I did the polite thing and leave. But, after 6 months, he totally changed his mind and went back to his old boyfriend. I tried to go back to Recon, but my old user name wouldn't work, so I added a new one and clearly mentioned my old name in the first line of my description. All went well for a few days, then I was "suspended". I couldn't log on to comment and ask why, they sent no emails explaining anything.

I wasn't trying to deceive. I was being as open as possible. The only thing I can think of is they are paying mindless minions to follow the orders strictly; no explanations, no place to appeal their apparent randomness as if they believe they make no mistakes.

My advice is to find a local organization to meet others with the same interest. They exist.
If there is nothing local for you, try "Fetlife" as a more forgiving website with a much greater appeal internationally with more "grounded" people and fewer "players".

In summary, I would not recommend Recon to a friend.

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Recon is many things for many men
23 July 2016
Reviewer: Archangelrichard from Portland, Oregon, USA

74 of 143 people found this review helpful

I have used recon for several years and, like every site it has its peculiarities, its plusses and minuses. Unlike the negative reviews I have not had trouble asking tech support questions, even though they are an ocean and a continent away.

like all sites, they tend to have users concentrated in certain areas (fortunately, including mine) and weak on other areas of the world; also they are a bit "provincial" in not understanding that US states are not like separate countries and metro areas cross state lines; these are minor criticisms and other sites have issues like these (hint: search by zip code / postal code)

There are a lot of men using the site (hint to critics - look at that number. a bad site will have few users), and fortunately they understand that a individual may have more than 1 fetish so they show your user chosen preference first, then all users in order by last logon in new users, etc. function

it does have additional functions like the top 100 most visited users and the top 100 most seen pics; they keep you Posted on Leather events (the main focus), there are different ways to explore; but getting down... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Recon to a friend.

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I hate recon
11 January 2016
Reviewer: Rbl3 from St Louis Mo

70 of 142 people found this review helpful

Recon is supposed to be a fetish site to bring guys together with similar fetishes but it seems that Recon staff determine whether your particular fetish is an acceptable one or not, based on the fact that at least four of my accounts have been suspended in the past few years.

It may be OK for foot fetishes, or rope, or leather wear, or who knows what else, but if you have fantasies that involve struggle and death, like some guys I chat with do on at least one other fetish site, then don't expect Recon to respect that fetish and they'll simply close the account.

I mean some guys on there have violent fetish thinking in my opinion. Cock and ball torture is something I would deem torturous--I mean it has the word torture in it--so how can recon allow users who are into that to hold memberships, as it would seem to be that's promoting violent behavior. Some guys, like myself, are still on there, that are into breath control.....couldn't that get out of hand and result in death if it was played out too far. I don't think guys beating others with whips would be too... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Recon to a friend.

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Horrible navigation and search
19 July 2015
Reviewer: Why Bother from Ohio/D.C. Regions

125 of 254 people found this review helpful

I've been familiar with Recon for several years; however, they just 'updated' their search program and it is, to be blunt, the biggest piece of non-functional garbage experienced among many on the internet (I am including all sites besides dating).

After getting a month's service, I spent 40 minutes trying to exit and re-enter the site thinking I was doing something wrong. Come on, folks, I've a Ph.D. and fairly tech savy, so what is the problem? After trying to search "Florida", for a business trip, I had one member 'surface'. Hmmm, seems highly suspect, no?

I then tried to find help on their touted "help line" with both no success and no means to connect the web manager. It must be nice to advertise for dating with no element of customer service, no email address or phone number. My attitude was, "Must be nice to have a business and not give-a-damn about the customer" - - - damn, nothing like following the corporate model. I can tell their site must be operated by a person with an MBA.

Consequently, I ran into a friend from recon and he shared similar complaints... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Recon to a friend.

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