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Just Guys Just Sucks!!!
04 September 2011
Reviewer: Try gayromeo.com! :D from South Carolina

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Oh, man...where to begin?! XD

This site just sucks, plain and simple:

As www.no1reviews.com writes:

" JustGuys.com boasts a membership base of over half a million members. Depending upon when you login, you're likely to see at least a few hundred members online. You'll find all kinds of gay guys on the site."

Yeah....the keyword is BOASTS!!!! Hahahahah.......over half a million and when you log on there's only a few hundred online?!? XD

Several peaves - they no longer show when the last time someone logged in - probably because people stop logging in since the site sucks so bad!!! It used to be the case that they would show that - and you could see a profile hadn't been accessed in a year or more. But they took the "Last log in date" away - and 2 years later I'm still seeing the same unchanged profile!

Also, you have to pay for EVERYTHING now - like to see who visited your site. What the hell type of social site is this when you can't even see who might have thought your profile was interesting?! It's like a room full of blind people all wandering around not knowing who is coming or going and unable to connect.

And the guys are all OLD!!!! AND FAT!!!! Don't believe me? Log into the chat room, hahahah!!! XD

Just Guys claim on their advertising page (http://www.justguys.net/advertising.htm):

"Most of our users are 18-24 years old, frequent Myspace(c), Facebook(c), and enjoy listening to music and shopping. Over 90% of our visitors access the site from the United States".

Yeah....right! XD

Well OLD AND FAT people enjoy listening to music and shopping, too!!!! They like shopping at Walmart and listening to elevator music!!!! XD XD XD

Navigation is horrible. Drove me crazy. You spend sooo much time going forward or backward as this is essentially your only option when looking at photos. And you only get to put up a few photos!

I hardly log into this site because it sucks SOOOO bad - like once every 4 months, if that.......I much prefer gayromeo.com - and a couple of other smaller european sites that I won't mention because I don't want a bunch of americans hogging in on all my young, pretty european boys.... ^^

And the other reviewer is correct - they do ban you for nothing. I mentioned that i preferred gayromeo and got banned! Hahahahaha! But I don't really care, because I rarely logged into JustGuys it was so pathetic....

What a joke of a site! XD

In summary, I would not recommend Just Guys to a friend.

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